Who I am

I am a bon-vivant. Some people say I fit more in a day than others. Friends who know wonder how I accomplish anything, because they’ve seen me relax. Basically, I somehow fit it all in – friends, family, fitness, adventure and home is important, almost above all. I’d like a dog, I’m borrowing my neighbour’s at the moment.

Basically my motto is “start somewhere”!  Strangely enough this blog has been one of the most intimidating starts.  Thanks to my friend Karin for a very casual ‘let’s just look at what you could do’ and now here I am two days later. These are the things I’ve started and enjoy to this day:  home renovation – from tiling to ripping down  walls, building my own furniture,  cooking, cooking, cooking, wine, anything DYI, gardening, growing my own vegetables, soccer, cycling- mostly in Europe with a pack of UK friends, living a envrironmentally responsible life, being part of a connected community on Vancouver’s beautiful north shore and being an auntie (my fave thing I’ve done so far – thanks sis!)

Motivation for me comes from my desire to have as many experiences as possible,…creating them for myself to share and finding them.  I usually find the most fabulous people at the same time.

What have you started? what would you like to start? breeze through my website and hopefully there’ll be something to inspire – a recipe, a great wine, amazing music, a sewing idea, a great travel tip, DIY project, or sharing what and or who inspires me.

Thanks for visiting!

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