what clients say

I’ve been Monica’s client for over four years; she is truly a gifted massage therapist who beautifully combines her technical skills with intuitive abilities. For over 20 years I had recurring headaches. Monica discovered that my neck tightness was the source of the problem. After a few sessions, the headaches vanished. More recently, I hurt my shoulder so badly I was unable to do anything with my right arm. With just one session, Monica returned my full range of motion, and I have been able to carry on with yoga, Pilates, cycling and dance. When she works on my body, she gives 100% to bring my body back to alignment and wellness.

Monica is truly a whole person: her professional ability is complemented by her positive, genuine and open-hearted personality. She is very consciousness, wholesome and emotionally balanced. I love talking with her about shared interests and hobbies. When I have an appointment I am confident that Monica is always there for me. It gives me great pleasure to provide this testimonial – each visit leaves me feeling aligned, rejuvenated and happy. Thank you, Monica – I think you are magical!!

Thank you Marina! Your a joy to spend time with.


I was first referred to Monica from my Kinesiologist in 2012. I had extensive Physio, Kinesiology and Acupuncture weekly for 2.5 years after a car accident left me with a back injury. Although I made great improvements with those treatments, I was left with this aching, burning and numb sensation in my mid back that seemed to never go away. The first visit I had with Monica she did a thorough assessment of my body and its alignment, immediately she pointed out that my left hip was shifted higher than the right side, causing the issues on the left side of my back, something no one had mentioned in any treatments before. She told me that within three visits, I should notice a difference. Feeling pretty defeated after almost three years of constant treatments I wasn’t hopeful but she did just that. Within three visits, the tingling, burning sensation had left. I was able to start moving forward in my recovery, with little or no setbacks. It blew me away, after all the treatments I had, three visits and I was essentially healed. I still see her on a regular basis. Anytime I have any issues injury related or just the stress of life, I take the time to see Monica and feel relief immediately. I’ve recommended her too many friends, family and strangers who have had the same experience. She has a gift of knowing the body, listening to energy, and effective healing that I haven’t seen in any other therapist I’ve been treated by.

Angela Ebner

So great to have met you!  Thanks for your generous words…

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